Day 1

Topic: The definitive resource on cannabis’s fascinating history; the assassins who caused Christianity's ostracism, censorship because of its psychoactive attributes

Laurence Cherniak

Artist, Writer, Historian, Visionary, Actor, Director, Counter culture hero, Rebel, Scamp, Prophet, Oracle, Peruvian shaman, Photo-journalist, Renaissance man

Topic: Medical Cannabis in USA

Dr. Mark Braunstein

Medical Doctor at Reconscious Medical

Assoc. Prof. Chitlada Areesantichai, Ph.D.

Deputy Dean at the College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University

Topic: 1) Cannabis against Cancer 2) Innovative Cannabis Products 3) Feasibility of Hemp in Thailand’s Healthcare Products

Dr. Surang Leelawat

Director of Medicinal cannabis research institute, College of Pharmacy, Rangsit University

Topic: 1) Cannabis against Cancer 2) Innovative Cannabis Products 3) Feasibility of Hemp in Thailand’s Healthcare Products

Dr. Chaowalit Monton

Registered pharmacist of Thai Pharmacy Council

Topic: 1) Cannabis against Cancer 2) Innovative Cannabis Products 3) Feasibility of Hemp in Thailand’s Healthcare Products

Dr. Ekapol Limpongsa

Pharmacy Practitioner

Topic: Cannabis Cultivation are transforming into Cutting-Edge Automation Farming

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Hataitep Wongsuwarn

Associate Dean for Educational Affairs. Director of Startup Incubation Center. Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University Kamphaeng Saen Campus

Topic: Cannabis Extraction in Thailand : Herbal extraction: Folk to Future

Asst.Prof.Dr. Thavatchai Kamolthan

Dean, College of Allied health Sciences Former Director-General, Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine

Topic: Medical Cannabis education and Research vision

Prof.Dr. Anuvat Roongpisuthipong

Chief of Cannabis Health Science, Director of Allied Health Science Research Center

Topic: Physical and mental benefits from the use of cannabis

Adam Shuster

Co-Founder BH Synergy Group Inc.

Topic: CANNELLA - Epilepsy targeted

Inbar Paz Benayoun

Founder and CEO of CANNELLA - Epilepsy targetec cannabis

Topic: Cannabis Innovations / R&D

Sayed Amir Karim

Owner & CEO of Karim Investment Group

Topic: R&D Innovation construction in Thailand

Kajkanit Sakdisubha

Director of TARATERA : Cannabis Construction

Topic: Dose finding study : How is it important?

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Korbtham Sathirakul

Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University

Topic: Cannabis in Thai Traditional Medicine Research

Dr. Anong Hansakul

Department of Public Health, Faculty of Physical Education, Srinakharinwirot University

Topic: Medical Cannabis Research

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Burapol Singhana

Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry), Chulabhorn Research Institute

Topic: Medical Cannabis Security

Yosi Sherman

Founder & CEO of Pharma Security

Topic: The study of cannabis cultivation for the benefit of Thai traditional medicine

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Kosit Sriphuthorn

Vice President of RMUTI Sakon Nakhon Campus

Topic: Medical cannabis and Thai traditional medical clinic

Assoc.Prof.V.M.Dr. Chaweng Sarnklong

Dean of Faculty of Natural Resources, The faculty where the medical cannabis research has been conducting

Topic: LINKING SDGoals and Cannabis Hemp

Johan Mohamad

Founder and President of MHIRA

Topic: To build a healthy cannabis ecosystem in Asia

Sung Seok Kang

Founder and Representative of Korea Medical Cannabis Organization

Topic: Making the impossible possible (hemp industry in Nepal)

Pratik Karki

The CEO & owner of Canaveda Nepal, Co-founder of Canaveda Academy International, Managing partner of Hemp Bazar Nepal

Topic: Scientific Developments in Medical Cannabis and It's Impact on Society

Srinivasa Reddy

COO/CSO of Leaf Cross Biomedical Inc.

Topic: Medical Cannabis : Scientific Evidence

Dr. Sandra Carrillo

Medical Doctor, Professor, Co-Founder of Medicann IPS Medical Cannabis Clinics (Colombia)

Topic: The Importance of Cannabis Genetics and Breeding for the future advancement of Medical Cannabis

Priscilla C. Agoncillo

Co-Founder Original Breeders League & Proprietor TRUFFE Plant Bioscience

Day 2

Topic: The use of Cannabidiol in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Dr. Mauro F. Cardoso Lins

Medical Director, Clinica Escola do Autista - Itaborai, Rio de Janeiro Brasil,Clinica Escola Do Autista translates as School Clinic for Autism

Topic: The evolutions of the Canadian markets and how we made mistakes as the global pioneers (From a bull market to a bare market)

Erick Factor

Chairman & CEO of Mym Nutraceuticals Inc.

Topic: Missing: U.S. Physician Cannabis Science Education

Jacquie Cohen Roth

Cannabis Industry Founder & CEO I MSc Candidate: Medical Cannabis Science + Therapeutics

Topic: Introduction to Medical Cannabis : An Overview of How It Works and Treatment Opportunities

Dr. Joseph Rosado

Owner & CEO of International Medical Consultants, Inc.

Topic: Evolution of Medical Cannabis Market in Canada and the USA

Kris Krane

President of 4Front Ventures

Topic: 2020 : A Globally distributed Paradigm shift for Cannabis and Hemp

Morris Johnson

Futurist & founder / CTO of Lifespan Research Inc.


Tracy Ryan

Founder of the 501c3 charity, CannaKids, and CKSoul

Topic: The world of cannabis a global perspective

Dr. Uma Dhanabalan

MD MPH FAAFP MRO CMS, Founder/CEO Global Health & Hygiene Solutions, LLC/Uplifting Health & Wellness

Topic: International Trade Hemp/ CBD/ Minor Cannabinoids

Michael Patterson

CEO of US Cannabis Pharmaceutical Research and Development LLC (US Cannabis)

Topic: Cannabis and Hemp in the Global Market

Paul Benhaim

Founder & Director of Elixinol Global LTD, Founder & Chairman of The Hemp Plastic Company

Topic: Cannabis for Medical Purposes: Current Situation in Thailand

Pakakrong Kwankhao

Chief of Evidence Center for Traditional Thai Medicine and Herbs, Chao Phraya Abhaibhubejhr Hospital

Topic: Treating patients with Cannabis and Thai Pharmacopeia

Dr. Jintana Manorompatrasal

MD, Psychiatrist, Medical Cannabis Specialist

Topic: CBD in the Global and EU Market

Nick Tulloch

CEO, Voyager CBD

Topic: The Future of Cannabis

Yona Levy

CEO of Alvit LCS Pharma, Chairman of the Board, Intelicanna

Topic: Medical Cannabis Industry in India : Laws, Manufacturing, Extraction(India as the largest potential global supplier)

Anav Jain

CEO & Founder of World of Hemp Global Pvt. Ltd.

Topic: GMP & CBD industry in Malta

Andrew Corrieri

Managing Director of Pharmaconsulta

Topic: CBD benefit on neurodegenerative diseases, myth or reality

Dr. Bertrand Canavy

Founder and Medical Director, Doctor of Health Research

Topic: Medical cannabis tourism opportunity in South East Asia / Should governments limit their opportunity? Asset backed loyalty programs making your loyal customers stakeholder

Herve Lacorne

Advisor to his excellency Phay Siphan, the spokesman for the Cambodian government / Co-founder of Khana Monkey and Stemflux

Topic: Medical grade plantation

Dr. Ratchakrit Ekamorndilok

Advisor doctor of Thonburi Hospital Group

Topic: How to choose the best CBD?

Ricardo J. Fortmann

International Business Director of CBD ORGANIC PRODUCTION

Topic: Opening doors for growing, changing cultivation in Thailand


Menno Keppel

Co-founder, Co-founder Agri Solutions Asia

Topic: Project Twenty21 - A UK Real World Data Registry for Medical Cannabis

David Badcock

CEO of Drug Science

Topic: Swiss Cannabis Environment

Michela Mastropietro

Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Swiss Queen GmbH, Executive Board Member of Swiss Cristal Lab AG

Topic: Laws and regulations related with cannabis business in Thailand and Extraction and analysis techniques

Asst.Prof. Ronbanchob Apiratikul, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Science, Department of Environmental Science, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University & Board Director, Technology Advisor of Taima Foods Supply CO., LTD.

Dr. Thanat Chieochanaksorn

Executive chairman of CS Recovery Group

Topic: Why We Need More Cannabis Medicines

Dr. Andrew Agius

Medical Director, MD MSc PGC

Topic: Blockchain solutions for the cannabis industry

Felix Mago

Co-Founder of Dash Next

Topic: The Ethanol Way – The Economic Cannabis

Christoph Markmann

Business Unit Manager Cannabis, DEVEX Verfahrenstechnik

Topic: How to choose the best CBD products

Ofer Shoshani

Medical Cannabis entrepreneur, research publisher, Founder of CBD Flowers and CBD Testers

Day 3

Topic: Driving the Global Cannabis Ecosystem

Deanna Callahan

Chief Operating Officer of Gateway Proven Strategies

Topic: The future of hemp and legal practices

Bob Hoban

President & Founder of Hoban Law Group

Topic: Cannabis and Hemp Investment and Business development

Cheryl Shuman

Founder of Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

Topic: Cannabis Investment & Markets

Mark Hamade

Partner, PE, VC, Speaker, Mentor, Advisor

Topic: U.S. Cannabis Legal Frameworks

Dustin Robinson

Founding Partner of Mr. Cannabis Law

Topic: Showing initiative psychedelic, Deciminalisation and its Impact on Policy reform

Robert W.E Laurie

Board Advisor, MAPS & International Lawyer, Ad Lucem Law

Topic: International Cannabis & Opportunity, Investment and Regulation

Marcus Ramkissoon

Cannabis Policy Specialist & Director of Caribbean Cannabis Institute

Topic: Cannabis Consciousness : Perspective of Conscious Investment

Aimon Kopera MD.

Advisor to chairman of Thonburi Healthcare Group

Hou Wei

CEO of CS Recovery Group

Topic: Update Legal Cannabis, Hemp and Kratom in Thailand

Prof. Parnthep Phuaphongphan

Dean of the Institute of Integrated Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine

Topic: Regulatory and political changes & economic of cannabis deregulation

Dr. Paul Crosio

Senior of Counsel, Silk Legal

Topic: Health and wellness for investment

Dr. Pornpattarawadee Wongpantanan

President of Newland Technology Co., Ltd.

Topic: (Thailand) Regulation, Stages, Process, Investment underwriting, Government incentives, Compliance, De-risking

Charles Blocker

Founder & CEO of IC Partners Limited

Topic: (Thailand) Regulation, Stages, Process, Investment underwriting, Government incentives, Compliance, De-risking

Michael Doyle

Director & Owner of Seri Manop & Doyle

Topic: Cannabis regulations & policies

Farid Ghehioueche

Head of advocacy, FAAAT - For Alternative Approaches to Addiction

Topic: Social & Criminal Justice Reform

Albert Tió

President, Federation of Self-Regulated Cannabis Associations of Catalonia

Topic: Import and Export

Dr. Thomas E. Fernandez

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Founder of Fair & Easy Co., Ltd.

Topic: Cannabis Fund

Henri Sant-Cassia

CEO of cannabinoid manufacturer

Topic: Cannabis Business Insight & Investment

Jirawat Tangkijngamwong

Entrepreneur/ founder CBI Global Co.,Ltd (consultant to Cannabis investments) , Committee member of Thailand Researcher Association

Topic: Cannabis regulations in North Macedonia

Dr. Vasko Dinev

Co-Founder, Imperial Green Ltd., (North Macedonia)

Topic: (1) The definition of Criminal property and the cannabis Industry (2) Cross Jurisdictional barriers the European patchwork approach to regulation

Stephen Oliver

Co-founder of The Canna Consultants

Topic: (1) The definition of Criminal property and the cannabis Industry (2) Cross Jurisdictional barriers the European patchwork approach to regulation

Matthew Lawson

Co-founder of The Canna Consultants